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Founded in 2002, Coranet Evaluations Inc. offers a wide range of mystery shopping, telephone mystery shopping, promotional and advertising agency support. Our web-based reporting system is easy-to-use and provides superior value to companies of all types and sizes.

About Coranet Evaluations Inc.

Whether an ongoing partnership or a project-based assignment, we will integrate our offerings to provide cost-effective data from which you can make decisions and take action with confidence.

For more information about Coranet Evaluations Inc. call 1-734-252-9127 or Email Us to discuss your company’s needs and requirements.

Coranet Evaluations Inc. provides mystery shopping programs to clients in thirteen different industry segments including: Apartments, Financial, Retail, Restaurants, Leisure, Travel, Hospitality, Grocery, Manufacturing, Advertising, New Home Sales, Healthcare and Telecommunications.

As an industry leader, Coranet Evaluations Inc. has the perspective and experience to work with new or emerging industries.